What Is WordPress? Why Is It Free And Should You Use WordPress?

You have surely been hearing about WordPress lately. So have you ever asked yourself, what is WordPress? And why bloggers are freaking crazy about this platform.

When I first entered into the blogging world my first few questions were, what’s this WordPress? Why is WordPress Free? Why is WordPress best and so popular among bloggers? Well, they aren’t enough. There was the huge list of queries about WordPress (WP), and so you also will have if you actually want to start your first blog with WordPress.

Now when I have made so many blogs in WordPress, I have only thing to say is that I Love You WorPress 😀 If you find me crazy, I accept it with more craziness because what WordPress has given me can’t be expressed in any letters.

If you are a newbiew blogger and WordPress is all new to you, don’t worry as this in-depth guide about WordPress is for you. We will cover many segments like what is WordPress, why is it free, how to use it?

Be ready to learn about one of the best Content Management System.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the World’s most popular and versatile tool for creating websites, and everyone who belongs to this industry knows this very well. It is simply a Content Management System (CMS) which helps to build and run powerful websites of all behavior.

You can create any kind of website using WordPress, from a simple blog to a full-features business website that includes huge business-oriented requirements such as a great volume of content, high traffic and scalability issues, various security constraints, etc. WP is also capable of creating an online store using the popular WooCommerce plug-in.

There was a time when building a website was one of the toughest jobs. Now the time has totally changed, and everyone can design a site without any hassle because WordPress offers such an excellent platform where you don’t need any coding or design skills to create a professional looking site. WordPress isn’t less than a miracle, agree?

Unlike traditional desktop software, WordPress only need an internet connection to run online. There’s nothing to install on your system, and you don’t need any special tools.

I hope what is WordPress is now clear to you. Don’t worry, I am not closing the article I am just closing this heading and taking you to the next topic that you would love to know about.

Why Is WordPress Free?

Yes, WordPress is free. Free means free; you don’t pay a cent to download and install the WordPress script. It is called open source where you can use it without paying any charges and modify it freely if you know the coding.

Unlike other free website building tools WordPress is open source and free from commercial restrictions and limitations. It only means you have the full freedom to choose and host your WordPress site anywhere you want.

Why is it called open source? Well, guys, that’s not too difficult to understand. WordPress is free to run, distribute, copy, change and/or improve without first asking to any authority. It is an open project and free software built by a community.

WordPress is free because it’s the combined work of thousands of talented contributors including developers, bloggers and many coding worms from across the globe. There is a core team of developers that watches the project development, but anyone can contribute patches, report bugs, suggest features, etc. In short, WordPress is not owned by a single company or individual.

To know more about open source software, check out GNU’s Philosophy.

Now, what’s the war of WordPress.com and WordPress.org? That is also interesting. Keep your eyes open and see the differences.

WordPress.com Versus WordPress.org- What’s the Difference?

People often confuse between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Don’t worry your confusion will be cleared after reading the following paragraphs where I will clearly describe the key differences between the two.

Hey look, you remember what is WordPress, right? Don’t be puzzled.

Here is a simplified version: WordPress.org is the site where you can download the WordPress software, some free themes and plug-ins. It is a self-hosted WordPress. On the other hand, WordPress.com is a service that uses the same core software and gets you started with a free WordPress-based blog in zero time, but focuses on the provision of hosting those WordPress blogs.

Here are some key differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

  1. With WordPress.com you will have a subdomain. For example, mysfirstsite is a subdomain then the full domain will appear as myfirstsite.wordpress.com.

With WordPress.org or self-hosted WordPress, you’ll have your own domain name like – techykeeday.com. But it is not free. You need to buy that domain from a domain registrar and also need to purchase a hosting service.

  1. Although WordPress.com is free, it has only 100 free themes to choose from, whereas, WordPress.org has around 1500 free themes to choose from. The same is with plug-ins. Unlike WordPress.com, you can download numerous of plug-ins on WordPress.org. In short, WordPress.com has some limits which do not allow you to customise your blog according to you.

Besides, you cannot even upload heavy images or videos on your blog if you choose WordPress.com. They might ask you to sign up as their premium customer which costs $99/year. Choosing WordPress.org is the right option because your blog will not be limited in size. You only need to select a hosting package which roughly costs $3 per month, and will give you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and many other features.

  1. You don’t own your content on WordPress.com, not even the blog you’re posting on. On WordPress.org, you’ll own your content and can even sell your blog without any permission. You can also earn money on self-hosted WordPress by placing ads.

Now we have covered what is WordPress, why is it free, and the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? But still we are missing something, the most important topic, which is, why should we use WordPress? Relax! Next heading is all about this. Enjoy reading!!

WordPress Features: Why should you use WordPress?

There are plenty of reasons to say ‘YES’ to WordPress. Are you still in doubt? Don’t worry! Following points will clear all the confusions.

    • WordPress is Free & Open SourceWordPress is open-source software, which means it is free to use and modify. All the original source codes of WordPress are publically available. Although you can use the platform as WordPress software is completely free and comes with unlimited validity, it doesn’t restrict you from purchasing the domain and hosting from other resources.
    • Create Any Kind of Website with WordPress

There was a time when WordPress was just a blog publishing platform, but now everything has changed, and it is more, more than this. It gives you the power to create any type of websites with any niche like tech, video, travel, photography, classified, forum, wiki, or any. Besides, you can even create an online store using eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce on WorPress.

    • Plenty of Plugins & Themes make it ExtraordinaryYou need something different for your site; Plug-in helps you out. There are thousands of free WordPress plugins available that add functionality to your website the way you want. Be it a simple contact form or a full-featured e-commerce system, you’ll always find a plug-in to fulfil your requirements.

      In addition to this, WordPress themes change the entire look of your website and so it looks 100% professional. You don’t even need to hire a web designer to design your site. You can find over thousands of free themes in the official WordPress Theme Directory, and so many themes are available for a fee at commercial sites like Theme Forest, StudioPress, and WooThemes.

    • WordPress is SEO FriendlyOne of the Google’s Engineers says “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” And this is undoubtedly true as WordPress takes care of all the SEO responsibilities that a CMS is supposed to fulfil. All the search engines rank websites in their search results on the basis of various parameters, and more parameters you fulfil, more chances of your site to appear first in search results.

      Well with WordPress it’s a plus point because it offers the free Yoast SEO Plugin, which covers almost all the SEO requirements and makes your WP site more SEO friendly.

    • Easy to CustomizeAre you a non-technical person and wants to customise your WordPress site your own? You can do it without any hassle because WordPress is for everyone and it is possible for anyone to customise colors, design, and even features of a WordPress theme. Don’t think it requires any coding skills. I have already mentioned that even a non-technical person can do any kind of customization on their site.

      WordPress offers a user-friendly dashboard which makes it easy for you to customize most of the elements of your website in smooth way.

    • Easy to UseIt only requires one click to install WordPress, and once it is done, your WP site is ready to use. Again no coding is needed, and you can enjoy WordPress inbuilt features for publishing blogs & pages, user management, comments, RSS feeds, revisions and much more.
    • Great WordPress CommunityThere’s a large community of talented developers and active users. Its well-updated support forum solves many WordPress queries and provides solution to several troubleshoot problems. This official forum makes WordPress better for everyone.
    • WordPress is SecureThe WordPress Core is a very secure system. The reason is it is constantly updating which protects the site from the hackers. Regularly updating your WordPress version is quite essential and effective to fight with the vulnerability.

      To keep your WordPress more hacker proof, just follow the points below:

      Use secure hosting service

      Use secure theme

      Use updated plug-ins

      Update WordPress with the recent version

      Change your passwords often

Conclusion: Should I use WordPress?

I hope this article answered your question about what is WordPress, why should you use WordPress?

Overall WordPress is a nice and one of the most recommended platforms to adopt for your next website. Only by using WordPress you can experience its true power. So just give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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