How to Buy a Domain Name at Rs. 99 from Godaddy?

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On December 14, 2016
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How to buy a domain name? Is this your question? No, not exactly, because many of you know that and that’s why they are bit advanced and searched for how to get a domain name from Godaddy at 99 Rs. But there might be so many people who still are the new player in the internet marketing world and looking for a domain name for their first website. They might have not enough knowledge about how to purchase a domain name and what should keep in mind.

So I am going to start from the beginning. From a newbie point of view, I will discuss all the points that are required, and every newcomer must know while planning their first blog.

In order to run a site, you need to buy a domain name- the very first task. And to do this, you must have an idea about best domain registrar, what is domain name? How to purchase a domain name?

Well, this post is fully dedicated to all your queries related to a domain name. You will also know how to buy a .com domain at 99 on Godaddy? Yes, that’s the lowest price offered by any domain registrar company.

But, before I take you to the world of Godaddy RS99 domain, let’s have a look at some of the basics. Are you ready?

What is Domain Name?

Do not shy, if you are not aware of this term. I was also like you. I did not know what is domain, how to get or register a domain? It happens when you enter the world of blogging.

Domain name is a unique name of your website. It is the friendly naming system which is used to access the site. Each website has a domain name that appears like ‘’. Here is the domain name of the site which uniquely identifies it.

In simple language, a domain name is the URL of your site that people type into the URL bar of a browser to reach the site. For example, is the domain name of our website and that you can directly access by typing it into the address bar.

The domain name consists of two parts- Domain Name + Extension. Domain name is the name of the site without .com (the name that you want to set for your site). For example, WpBuyers is the name of our website. And extension is the suffix of the domain, i.e., .com.

There are many other extensions that you can use as a suffix to your site like .org, .in,, .info, .net, etc. The most popular extension is .com which you can purchase at 99Rs from Godaddy.

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How to Buy a Domain Name?

Purchasing a domain name is a prime assignment of designing a website. It’s a name or brand that makes your site stand alone from other competitors. People will recognize your site through its domain name.

There are two ways to get a domain name. Either you can buy directly from your web hosting provider or through a separate domain name service (a recommended option for those using their own servers) like,,, etc.

The process for registering a domain name is same for both, whether you purchase through a hosting provider or a separate domain name service.

There are simple steps to buy a Domain Name:

  1. Decide on which you want to make your site, and then choose a meaningful domain name- it should describe you, your business or the niche on which your site is.
  2. Go to the registrar site you would like to use. My favorite is Godaddy! There are other domain name providers such as DreamHost, Dotster, NameCheap, and
  3. Type in your domain on the registrar site and check out whether it is available. If it is not, try choosing another domain or one more thing you can do, just change the extension. Once it is available, you will get something like ‘Congratulations! is available’.
  4. Now choose the duration for which you want to register your domain. When the domain is about to expire, you will receive an alert regarding the renewal.
  5. Pay for the domain name. You can use payment methods such as credit card and debit card. Some registrar also accepts Paypal.
  6. Your domain is ready to use now!

Note: If you are using web hosting of the same company, then there is no need of changing the nameservers, but in case, if you have another web host then you will have to modify the nameservers with your hosting nameservers.

Now we are heading to the most awaited topic of this post, where you will learn how to get a domain name from Godaddy at an unbelievable price, i.e., 99 Rs only!

Simple Steps to Buy a Domain Name at 99Rs from Godaddy

Godaddy provides domain name at 99Rs which are cheaper in compared to other domain name registrars in the market. You might have questions like, is it legit or is there any blackhat included in the process?

My dear, this is totally transparent and is just a welcome gift to new Godaddy customers.

Now I am unveiling the steps that help you in buying a .com domain at 99 on Godaddy.

Things to keep in mind before you start following the steps- Logout from the current Godaddy account if you have any, and make a fresh new Id to start.

Step 1: Go to Godaddy website and create a new account. Once your id is created, log out from the new ID again.

Create Godaddy Account to buy a domain name at 99

Step 2: Go to Google, and type “Godaddy” into the search box.

Get Godaddy Domain at Rs 99

If you are able to see above screenshot, then you are going right. Just click on the ‘Rs. 99 .Coms’ to proceed.

Step 3: Now, you are at Godaddy’s website where you will be asked to enter your desired domain name in the search box. Type in your domain name and click the search button. If it is available, you will get the message, similar to shown in below screenshot. Now press Select and then Continue to Cart button.

Search your domain in Godaddy

Step 4: On the next page just scroll to the bottom, and click on Continue to cart again.

Additional Godaddy Features

Step 5: On this page, you will have to change the domain registration duration from 2 years to 1 year. You can see Proceed to Checkout button on the left side of the screen. Click it!

How to purchase a domain name from Godaddy at 99 Rs

Note: There are additional 12Rs, which is the service tax.

Step 6: Now you have to provide Godaddy login details. Use login details which you have made in Step 1.

Godaddy Sign in

Step 7: Once you are logged in, just fill all the required information about you.

Fill Account Details in Godaddy

Step 8: After filling the details, scroll down the page, you’ll see the Payment Information section. Fill your credit card details and click to continue. Make the payment and get your domain name.

Fill payment details in Godaddy


So finally you have cleared so many doubts like how to buy a domain name? How to get a .com domain name at 99Rs from Godaddy?

The procedure is very simple! I don’t think you would face any problem while purchasing your domain name from Godaddy.

One more thing I want to add here is that this pricing will only work with .com domains. You won’t get other extensions at the same price.

Use “Incognito Mode” (ctrl +shift+ N) on Google Chrome or Firefox to buy your domains. It always works. You can purchase on normal modes too.

So guys if you still find any doubt, you can ask me in comments. You can also share your experience of buying a domain name from Godaddy and can update us if there’s any.

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