Top 5 Websites to Buy Free VPS Hosting

Free VPS Hosting - So finally you are looking for VPS server. Wow, that’s really great but how do you manage the budget. I mean it is bit expensive than shared hosting or the one you have been using for a long time now.

Since you have changed your mind and understanding how the good web hosting services are the most important components for any successful website, just read out this article and get to know about VPS hosting. Yes, the same for which you are here today but the good news is these VPS server will cost you nothing.

Confused? Here, right here in today’s post, I’m sharing with you a list of top websites to buy Free VPS Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

Shifting your site to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a wise decision indeed. Before switching to a VPS server, it is important to be familiar with the benefits and features of this type of web hosting.

A VPS offers you complete, core access to the operating system (OS) that VPS runs its own copy with. For business sites that have high competitive levels, VPS is an ideal option due to its ability to increase output and performance.

Below equation will give you a clear picture of VPS server:

VPS hosting = Shared Hosting + Server Root Access + Dedicated Resources + Isolated Environment

Also, it operates as a dedicated server but runs on another server. In addition, VPS is cheaper than dedicated servers but offers a high-degree of scalability, reliability, and security of its environment. With VPS, you do not need to share resources with other users and allows you to run on more than one virtualization platform on currently installed operating systems.

More specifically, VPS hosting is to create a server other than the real one for an individual. It is simply a server within a bigger server.

VPS Hosting includes our 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB VPS Hosting Plans. The overall CPU time and memory are shared across all accounts on the machine, but at the same time, portions of those resources are always dedicated to each account.

How is VPS Different from Shared Server?

A shared web hosting is the basic web hosting account, held by millions of websites all over the world. For sites that are not high-traffic, a shared account is ideal.

A VPS hosting is the next step above shared hosting. A VPS is still like a shared account in that some resources of the parent server are shared by all the child servers. It has all the power of dedicated hosting with the ability to have your own set of services and customizable disk space.

With shared hosting, you don’t have much administrative access and can't customize software configurations, while with a VPS you can perform any actions from your control panel and don't need to contact technical support with every single request.

For example: You have your own room and you are sharing major facilities like the kitchen, living room and bathroom. In shared web hosting terms, your room is your home directory where no one has the right to put their stuff. It is yours alone. However, you share major server resources with other customers, such as CPU, RAM (memory,) network connectivity, and some software packages.

Now take an example of apartment that gives you more freedom, where you have your own bathroom, kitchen and living spaces that are devoted entirely to you. In VPS hosting terms, they are similar to disk space, operating system, and RAM. However, you still share some resources with the rest of the building, including the building structure itself (the parent server,) the water system (network) and electricity.

Do you still have any confusion about the differences between Shared and VPS hosting?

If so please re-read the given example you will have a doubt free mind. Trust me!

Well keep reading to know about free VPS hosting websites. But before this, let me share the pros and cons of VPS. Don’t you want to know them? Of course, right?

So without wasting a second go to the next HEADING…

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Pros of VPS Hosting

  • It is affordable, as compared with dedicated servers.
  • Best option for sites becoming increasingly popular.
  • More resources allocated to your website - you have your own RAM (memory,) operating system and in some cases, your own CPU(s).
  • Server's IP address much less likely to be blacklisted by AT&T, Google, and others
  • You can either increase or decrease system resources on the fly as needed with little downtime.
  • You can also manage your own email and/or FTP functionality.
  • Root access allowed
  • With a VPS server, the main server will be secured against most known DDoS attacks or security exploits.
  • Very customizable
  • You will have 24 X 7 excellent customer support.

Cons of VPs hosting

  • You will have to pay more than you would in a shared server.
  • Still some resources will be shared with other customers on the server, so there can be conflicts with server load or memory.
  • If you want more resources, you will have to pay more.
  • The VPS server will require you to posses more technical knowledge to manage and maintain it.
  • VPS hosting is less powerful when compared to dedicated hosting and more expensive than shared hosting.

Top 5 Websites to Buy Free VPS Hosting or Server

1. Amazon Web Services

Yes, the company you can easily trust on.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by The first AWS offerings were launched in 2006 to provide online services for websites and client-side applications.

The highly profitable Amazon division provides servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development and security. AWS can be broken into two main products: EC2, Amazon’s virtual machine service and S3, Amazon’s storage system.

If you are thinking of using Virtual Private Server then AWS is the right thing for you as it gives you a one-year free service.

Check out below features you will get with AWS:

750 hours of EC2 running Linux, RHEL, or SLES t2.micro instance usage.

750 hours of EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server t2.micro instance usage

750 hours of Elastic Load Balancing plus 15 GB data processing

30 GB of Amazon Elastic Block Storage in any combination of General Purpose (SSD) or Magnetic, plus 2 million I/Os (with Magnetic) and 1 GB of snapshot storage

15 GB of bandwidth out aggregated across all AWS services

1 GB of Regional Data Transfer

1 GB RAM for EC2 instance.

Well in order to setup your AWS account, following things will be required:

An account on AWS Amazon, which is not a big deal I guess.

A Debit / Credit Card. Wait, you aren’t going to be charged a single $, it’s just for verifying that you’re a human being, and not just another bot or “not so serious” guy spamming their super awesome free service.

A mobile number, if you have.

A Pan Card.

Now the next process is how to configure the VPS.

Check out the video to get started with Free VPS Server on AWS:

2. 5 Jelly

Free VPS Hosting- 5 Jelly

5 Jelly is a company offering Free Shared or VPS Server for a long time. The company looks promising about their free VPS Hosting. They provide you lifetime free VPS with 20GB Storage, 1GB RAM and 2.4 GHz processor.

And these features make them unique in the market:

2.4 Ghz Processor

20GB Storage

1GB Memory

1000 GB bandwidth

Linux or Windows

Full root access to your server

And hey, wait! Those features were just the Basic ones, what if I tell you, that you can have:-

9.6 Ghz Processor

80GB Storage

4GB Memory

Linux or Windows

3. YoCats

YoCats Free VPS Server

Here comes another free VPS hosting company name- YoCats. They are one of the Top free VPS server providers around the globe today.

Here are the features:

Unlimited Space.

Unlimited Bandwidth.


100mbit Port

Enterprise Supermicro Hardware

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Free Setup

4. GratIsVPS

GratIsVPS Free VPS Hosting Websites

Another great option for you if you do not want to go with AWS, 5 Jelly or YoCats. But I think above mentioned hosting companies providing Free VPS will do their job well and work more than your expectations.

With GratIsVPS you can set up your Free VPS server that has pretty good configuration too, and an awesome User Interface.

Here are the features:


2GB SSD storage

100GB bandwidth

Free Email Addresses

2 Cores 2.0Ghz

100MBPS uplink

Order Free Linux VPS

Order Free Window VPS

dDos Protected

5. 3 Jelly

Free VPS Hosting- 3 Jelly

Wait!! I don’t want to confuse you. Both the companies have number difference but they are similar in quality. Both of them are providing the world with Free VPS Server for a long time.

Here are the qualities:

Intel Core i3-540 / i5-760

Ram : 1GB

Disk space: 50GB

Bandwidth: 200GB

FREE Server Management

FREE CloudFlare CDN

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Final Words

A shared host is a good option if you are running a personal website or a small operation, but if your site starts attracting daily visitors you should switch over to VPS web hosting.

Now here we are talking about Free VPS hosting means all above mentioned companies are 100% free providing exceptional services. So before spending thousands in your next VPS server, why not give them a try?

Yeah, this is also said that free things are not worth using for longer time. But who is saying to use them for lifetime? It is like you don’t need to invest anything and you still can get your site up and running, then make some money.

Don’t forget to share your decisions and experiences about these free VPS hosting websites in the comments.

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