7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies for 2017

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On January 2, 2017
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Not satisfied with the shared WordPress hosting for one of your blogs and looking to move to the Managed WordPress Hosting? This post is for you if you have such query.

Well, I’ve already provided you with the list of some Best WordPress Hosting companies in one of my blog posts. Those WP hosting providers are good for a new blog when you have less traffic, you’re using lesser resources, and you require less storage for your site. But as your blog starts growing, you need to think about upgrading your hosting.

Shared WordPress hosts are incapable of handle huge traffic that means you’ll have to take one step forward and spend few more cents to fulfill your expectations from your site.

Before I tell you the best managed WordPress hosting companies, I want to share a little about what is a good managed WordPress host, its pros and cons.

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

You can easily make a WordPress blog or site as it requires less technical knowledge, and we all know that. But meanwhile, you have to take care of many things such as site optimization, design, SEO, content, etc. Well, these all are again secondary things because, before it, you have to think about the hosting provider which causes your WordPress site runs well.

Now come to the point- Managed WordPress Hosting.  It is same as your normal shared hosts; the only difference is they are little advance and dedicated specifically to high-end WordPress users.

With the managed WordPress hosting, you don’ need to worry about any technical aspects of WordPress like installation, security, plugin updates, site speed, uptime, etc. The experts at your managed host will see all the things at their end. You only need to concentrate on creating and sharing the great content.

In simple words, Managed WP hosting is an ideal option for those whose site is growing rapidly, and they need additional capacity to handle the server operations.

Why should you Use Managed WordPress Hosting?

When shared hosting can fulfill almost all your website requirements then why should you choose managed WordPress host?

This question might have hit your mind a lot of times when bloggers like me give suggestions about the hosting packages for your site. Look, it depends on the nature of your site and on that basis we people suggest you the best of everything.

Here I’ll give reasons, why is Managed WordPress Hosting is good for your website or blog?

  • Security: When you go with a managed WordPress hosting provider, your website becomes hacker-proof. The hosting comes with robust security and strict security rules so that it actively can scans for malware and block all hacking attempts.
  • Expert Support: The support team is highly knowledgeable in WordPress and can deal with all your technical issues like performance, site functionality, WP errors, etc; which doesn’t come with shared WordPress hosting.  You will have an army of WordPress experts to resolve all the issues within seconds or minutes.
  • Daily Backups: With managed WordPress hosting you can create daily backups of a website including content, data, themes and plug-ins. Besides, it also offers restore points in case of any data loss.
  • No Downtime: Forget to worry about downtime if you use this hosting. Your site will never go down, not even when your website gets huge traffic.
  • Automatic Updates: Managed WordPress hosts will automatically update your WordPress files to the latest available version as soon as an update is released.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Cost: One of the biggest reasons to not to go with managed WordPress host companies is that they are more expensive when compared to shared hosting. An average shared hosting will cost you around $3/mo while a managed hosting plan comes with a price tag of around $30. Such a huge difference, isn’t it?
  • Limitations: You are limited to run only WordPress based websites. In addition to this, you cannot use all WordPress plug-ins as it automatically blocks plug-in which causes your site slows down.
  • cPanel:  You will have to deal with different kind of user interface that you may find a bit challenging and not so user-friendly if you have already worked with shared hosting.

7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison

Here we will compare top managed WordPress hosting companies for 2017 which provide excellent support and service.

  1. WPEngine

WPEngine is the first recommendation if you are planning to move to the best managed WP host. They offer unbelievable security and scalability. Their caching technology and Content Delivery Network (CDN) features make it the best choice for sites with decent traffic. In addition to this, stunning speed, powerful security, and best-in-class customer service, make it number 1 hosting service for WordPress users.

 Plans & Pricing

Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider 2017- WPEngine

    • Personal: Its monthly cost is $29 which comes with 1 WordPress install, 10GB disk space, unlimited data transfer.
    • Professional: It’s monthly cost is $99 which comes with 10 WordPress installs, 20GB disk space, unlimited data transfer.
    • Business: It is the most expensive package which costs $249/mo. It offers 25 WordPress installs, 30GB storage, unlimited data transfer.


  • Malware scan
  • Daily backups
  • Excellent customer support
  • Firewall, CDN-ready
  • Fully managed
  • 100% uptime
  1. SiteGround

You know what makes SiteGround stands out in the hosting world is their premium services which come at shared hosting pricing. If you are planning to use Managed WordPress hosting at cheaper rates, then this is the right option you can go with. You can get all the essential features like automatic updates, daily backups, isolated accounts, and anti-hack systems at reasonable prices.

Plans & Pricing

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services- SiteGround

  • StartUp: $3.95/mo (offers one website, 10GB disk space, approx. 10,000 monthly visits).
  • GrowBig: $7.95/mo (offers multiple websites, 20GB disk space, approx. 25,000 monthly visits, essential plus premium WordPress features).
  • GoGeek: $14.95/mo (offers multiple websites, 30GB disk space, approx. 100,000 monthly visits essential, premium & Geeky WordPress features).


  • SuperCacher to improve site performance
  • Git & Staging
  • 24/7 WordPress expert support
  • Automatic updates
  • Free daily backup
  • Built-in WordPress auto-installer
  1. Media Temple

Media Temple is yet another well-known host provider which will be proved best in terms of security and WordPress updates. They also offer a list of exclusive themes so you can keep design and development all under one roof. Entry level plan for their Managed WordPress service is pretty reasonable which covers almost all the features.

Plans & Pricing

Best Managed WordPress Hosting- Media Temple

  • Personal: This plan will cost you $20/mo which includes 30GB SSD Storage, 400,000 monthly visitors and 2 websites.
  • Studio: It will cost $60/mo which includes 100GB SSD Storage, 2 million monthly visitors, 10 sites, Malware detection & removal for 5 sites.
  • Agency: This plan comes with 500GB SSD Storage, 10 million monthly visitors, 50 sites, Malware detection & removal for 5 sites, which will cost you around $240/mo.


  • Free site migration
  • 30-day backup and restore
  • 24/7 support
  • Staging and cloning
  • Git integration and SSH access
  • Fast speed
  1. Flywheel

If you value your WordPress site, you must use FlyWheel. They are one of the newer players in the competition and built specifically for designers and creatives. You only need to pay little which ultimately will release all fantastic features.

Plans & Pricing

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service- FlyWheel

  • Tiny: $15/mo
  • Personal: $30/mo
  • Professional: $75/mo


  • Daily backups
  • 1-click staging and Git integration
  • User-friendly hosting dashboard
  • Built-in caching
  • Malware monitoring
  • Expert support
  • Managed updates
  1. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the recommended top hosts that enable SiteLock CDN and SiteLock Pro for a powerful security. Their demand among WordPress bloggers appear high as their managed WordPress hosting come with great technology and include some of the incomparable features that help make WordPress a better environment.

Plans & Pricing

Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2017 - BlueHost

  • Blogger: It offers 100 Million visitors, 30GB storage, 2GB RAM, 1 domain, and other remarkable features at $19.99/mo.
  • Professional: It offers 300 Million visitors, 60GB storage, 4GB RAM, 1 domain, and other features at $29.99/mo.
  • Business: It offers 600 Million visitors, 120GB storage, 6GB RAM, 1 domain, and other unique features at $39.99/mo.
  • Enterprise: It offers unlimited visitors, 240GB storage, 8GB RAM, 1 domain, etc at $49.99/mo.


  • Fast speed
  • WordPress-centric controls
  • SiteLock security
  • Advanced CDN
  • Enhanced cPanel
  • MOJO marketplace
  1. WPHostingSpot

WPHS is a new entry in the managed WordPress hosting after several tests. When you start using them you will see the extreme performance on your site.  They have HTTP/2 and Free SSL. Using WPHS gives you an awesome WordPress Managed Hosting service for a lifetime.

Plans & Pricing

Managed WordPress Hosting Companies 2017- WPHostingSpot

  • WPHS 1024: Comes with $10/mo (Top Features- 2 vCPU Core, 1GB Ram, 10GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 1 WP install).
  • WPHS 2048: Comes with $20/mo (Top Features- 2 vCPU Core, 2GB Ram, 20GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 2 WP install).
  • WPHS 4096: Comes with $45/mo (Top Features- 4 vCPU Core, 4GB Ram, 40GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 4 WP install).
  • WPHS 8192: Comes with $65/mo (Top Features- 6 vCPU Core, 8GB Ram, 80GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 8 WP install).
  • WPHS 12288: Comes with $85/mo (Top Features- 12 vCPU Core, 12GB Ram, 120GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 12 WP install).


  • Malware plus virus scans
  • Free themes
  • Money back guarantee
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Dedicated resource
  1. Pressable

When you host with Pressable, you no longer need to worry about your site performance. In addition to this, image Optimisation is handled automatically as you upload images. Whatever be your query, their support ensures that there’s always a WordPress expert to give you right direction.

Plans & Pricing

Managed WordPress Hosting Comparision- Pressable

It comes with three plans which are categorised by number of sites and page views.

  • $20.83/mo with 1-5 sites and 60,000 shared pageviews.
  • $37.50/mo with 10 sites and 200,000 shared pageviews.
  • $75.00/mo with 20 sites and 400,000 shared pageviews.


  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CDN
  • Dedicated WordPress support
  • Staging sites
  • Daily backups
  • Caching
  • Malware scanning and removal
Final Words: Which Host should you Choose?

I won’t suggest you jump on Managed WordPress Hosting if you just have started your blog.  With the time your website may gain traffic, and your requirements may increase, then you can take a wise decision by choosing any of the above hosting plans as all of them offer awesome support, fast speeds, and unlimited visits.

So which WordPress hosting provider are you planning to use?  If you have ever used Managed WordPress Host, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section.

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