10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins In 2017

Which is the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin? Is this your question today? You got the right place then 🙂

All of us know how important the contact forms are for any website. The webmasters use them for various data collection tasks, such as collecting email addresses, visitor information, feedback, surveys and member registrations. Also, these web forms provide a neat, clean, and easy to use interface that allows your audience to contact you without any hassle.

So how you get these contact forms on your WordPress sites, or how would you use them?

Well, options are many. You could use the one that comes built-in with your theme, you could use a contact form plugin as well, or if you’re a technical giant, you can create it by yourself.

Wait!! I’m not going to reveal each way of getting the best WordPress Contact Form. I’ll show you an easy way of embedding them into your website, and these are contact form plugins.

Yes, here I am unveiling the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins and their standout features.

Let’s get started!

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Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. Contact Form 7

best wordpress contact form- Contact Form 7

It was my first contact form plugin and genuinely speaking, it was amazing and easy to use. Contact Form 7 is the most downloaded, popular and flexible free contact form plugin, and is currently used by millions of sites because of its simplicity and customization features. No matter how many contact forms you want to place on your website, it gives you freedom of managing multiple contact forms, and place them on your sites within just a few seconds. Also, It supports Ajax-powered submission, CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering. It’s also available in more than 60 languages.

2. Ninja Forms

best wordpress contact form Plugins- Ninja Forms

You don’t like complexity, right? So Ninja Forms are the best option you can go with. Their drag and drop features enable users to create contact forms, email address collection and any other type of form very speedily. It lets you quickly and easily design stunning forms, using a drag and drop interface in your WordPress dashboard, and not having to touch a line of code. There are numerous add-ons available which help you with your forms. In addition, you can also grow your email list using these add-ons. There are also premium Ninja Forms extensions available, which provide several premium features like frontend editing and posting, file uploads, conditional logic, multi-part forms, PayPal integration and email marketing support.

3. WPForms

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress- WPForms

Many WordPress users have announced it a Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin. The reason is, their drag & drop online form builder, which makes everything very easy for you like you can create a beautiful contact form, email subscription form, payment form, and other forms with just a few clicks. It enables users to build multi-page forms, email opt-in forms, order forms, and use some fancy conditional logic for more complicated user interactions. All in all, the plugin has the power to create a form of your wish. It will be flexible and has a user-friendly interface. You can also use CAPTCHA and Honeypot method to stop spam form submissions.

4. Pirate Forms

Top Plugin to create WordPress Form- Pirate Forms

Here we add another free WordPress contact form plugin which is built by the team at Themeisle. It is one of the easy to use contact form plugins for website makers. This plugin is the great option for those who want a simple contact form. It is a powerful, free and best WordPress Contact Form Builder plugin where you don’t need to code anything. You can just create a contact form and copy/paste the shortcode anywhere you want the form to appear.

5. JetPack Contact Form Module

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress- Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most installed WordPress Plugins that comes with hundreds of features on your WordPress site and make it run a little smoother. It works a bit differently than the other plugins on this list. Unlike other contact form plugins, you get to create forms right on the post/page editing screen. Contact Form Module can be placed in Sidebar, Posts as well as Pages. Furthermore, Jetpack is an easy way to create simple contact forms and collect feedbacks from your visitors.

6. Gravity Forms

Best WordPress Form Builder - Gravity Forms

If you think you should now go with some premium form plugin, then Gravity Forms would be the right choice. It’s a popular and best WordPress contact form plugin to generate multi-page forms that give your customers a chance to fill out extensive forms and view how much longer they have until completion. In addition, you won’t find any complexity while using the plugin as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. In short, Gravity Forms is one of the most advanced contact form solutions on the market. A personal license for Gravity Forms costs $39/year.

7. Visual Form Builder

Best Plugin for WordPress Contact Form- Visual Form Builder

The Visual Form Builder plugin is free to start, which offers multiple layout options and numerous field types. It lets you create professional looking forms quickly and easily. With amazing features, the plugin also provides a premium version for add-ons. Also, with drag and drop feature you can set the fields the way you like. It only aims at providing hassle-free form building tool without any need for coding skills. Moreover, you can duplicate forms with one click which saves your time while designing.

8. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms for WordPress

Formidable Forms is a fast and flexible WordPress form plugin with a drag-and-drop user interface for the creation of forms. One can create contact forms, poll, and surveys, or lead generation forms using this plugin. From the smallest sidebar opt-in form to large job application forms, Formidable helps you all the way. To use additional amazing features such as conditional logic, confirmation fields, repeating fields, form drafts, visuals styler, integration with email marketing services, payment methods, you have to upgrade to the pro version. Well, the free version is also enough for basic contact forms, but if you want to unlock more services, you need to try its pro version.

9. Fast Secure Contact Form

fast Secure Contact Form Plugin

The Fast Secure Contact Form is a popular free WordPress contact form plugin, which is full of premium features. The plugin enables you to add any kind of fields easily, delete them or re-order them by its simple drag and drop functionality. Moreover, there is CAPTCHA and Akismet integration for keeping your site secure. You can also customized fields or any part of your form using CSS via the form styles tab.

10. Quform

Quform- Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Quform is another great plus premium WordPress contact form plugin which enables you to create anything from a simple contact form to a complex form. You can integrate it into your site without expert knowledge. With this plugin, you can design complex booking form without touching any code. It is a drag and drop form builder with a pack up amazing features. Also, it offers light and dark themes for the contact forms to choose from. In short, Quform has just about the right balance between usability and features.

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Conclusion: Which is the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

Maybe you have used one of these plugins or are planning to use one of them. For setting your mind, I can only say that no form builder is best or worst. Every contact form has some unique features that work according to the requirements.

You can definitely go with free WordPress Contact form plugins, but if you want more customization options, then I would suggest you use premium form builders.

I hope now you would have enough knowledge about the best WordPress Contact Form Plugins. Choose one that’s perfect for your needs and can be used easily.

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